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Bush Walks

People argue that the best way to see the bush is to walk in it. In many ways we feel they are correct as this intimate form of mixing with nature permits a close study of the various plants, animals, spoor, lairs, burrows, nests and more. All the sounds and scents are there and completely uncontaminated and there’s time to study everything properly without having to move on.

Your guides have usually been born and raised in the bush and you will be astonished at their ability to spot the abnormal. You will also be amazed at how quickly you adapt to the surroundings and start to notice unusual movements, colours etc. Real bush craft takes time to develop and whether you’ve “been here before” or it’s your first time in Africa there will be something of interest. For some it’s the sounds that are the most interesting and it’s exciting to track down that tiny Pearl Spotted Owlet just from its call. Is that a hippo or a lion calling? Is that hyena far away?

Snakes can often be found but success requires some fairly specialist experience. There are plenty around but contrary to popular belief they don’t spend their time attacking people! They tend to be shy and will often remain completely still making them difficult to see. Look for them sunning themselves on branches or rocks or dangling quite still from a branch awaiting a careless bird passing by. A good snake sighting is often one of the highlights of the walking safari and a live study and understanding of their behaviour will cure even the most acute ophidiophobia

Your guide will be accompanied by an armed scout and the perceived ‘dangers’ will soon be forgotten as you blend into the wilderness and become part of it. Naturally coloured clothing is best particularly when stalking or avoiding that elusive antelope or even lion, buffalo or elephant and of course comfortable shoes are essential.

A few hours walking in the bush soon creates an appetite for that delicious brunch or lunch or a cold beer!