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Cultural Village

The Goba community’s rich heritage and experience has been shaped by the changing fortunes of the Lower Zambezi region. While staying at the lodge you will have the opportunity to visit Chiawa Cultural village where you will be able to experience the Goba culture and learn all about how they live in the Lower Zambezi.

Visitors to the Chiawa Cultural Village will have the opportunity to experience:

  • Performance Art – Experience traditional dances, poetry, ceremonies, and drama based on Goba folklore in the village center. Watch and participate in daily performances.
  • Living on the Zambezi – Learn Goba fishing, farming and preparation techniques from village guides. Climb an elephant lookout, and see important village structures – a fortified storehouse for grains and crops, a goat enclosure, and an elevated chicken run.
  • Building a Goba home – Walk through dwellings built by construction methods that use natural materials from the forests and the Zambezi riverbed, and techniques passed down for generations. Village guides will talk through the techniques and show visitors a special Goba hut as it is being built.
  • Zambian Cuisine – Travelers who desire a taste of local cuisine are welcome and encouraged to dine at the cultural village and learn about local cooking techniques.
  • Village museum – Learn about Goba history, artistic culture, and the importance of sustainable ecological management for cultures in Africa.
  • Local craftmanship – Beautifully crafted works by local artists and craftsmen are on display and available for purchase in the curio shop.

You will also get the opportunity to visit the school and meet some of the enchanting children that are students there. The lodge has had a long term association with the school in Chiawa and in the past with support of guests have provided furniture, building materials and sporting equipment.