Mountain Hiking

The backdrop to Lower Zambezi National Park and indeed our Lodge is an impressive mountainous escarpment with many peaks and a variety of walks and climbs, some which will put you to the test and others which will simply provide a mild cardiac stimulus. The choice is yours and those who are interested should discuss their preferences with the guides.

The warm weather makes for a trip which doesn’t involve heavy clothing and the main consideration is comfortable shoes and clothing while not forgetting water, cameras and binoculars. Porters can be provided to help carry your kit when necessary.

The trip will first take you through the riverine bush and as you move higher the vegetation changes, then thins out and the most fantastic panoramic view of the Zambezi valley emerges. You begin to imagine how the first explorers must have felt.

You will be accompanied by an armed scout and of course one of our experienced guides who will point out all sorts of interesting features in addition to the wild animals and birds encountered. That said the prime aim of reaching the top or at least some way up is not forgotten.

As your party is always in radio contact with the Lodge, vehicles can be arranged to speed up your return with some mobile game viewing thrown in. It’s entirely up to you. Upon returning to camp a swim in the big pool, an immersion in your private plunge pool and/or a cold beer will been well-earned.