2020 Flights Connecting: Royal Airstrip – Livingstone – Mfuwe – Lusaka

Zambia – a large and diverse country whose lands not only inspired the birth of the famous African walking safari but also rejoices in an abundance of natural wonders, from a vast array of wildlife to massive lakes, mountain ranges and cascading waterfalls. Widely regarded as one of the safest countries in the world to visit, Zambia is a destination that offers the freedom of untouched wilderness in the many widespread National Parks that very few places on earth can rival.

At Royal Zambezi Lodge, in the Lower Zambezi, we understand and appreciate that your journey is just as important as your destination! Making the Lower Zambezi National Park accessible to the intrepid traveller, along with being able to connect to other local destinations, is essential to us in showcasing the wonders of our country.

In 2019, we launched “seat-in-plane” charter flights connecting Royal Airstrip, Livingstone and Lusaka. These new flights have been received as a positive access option in Zambia and as a result, and after valuable engagement with the trade, we are pleased to have launched a NEW route in 2020 connecting Royal Airstrip directly with Mfuwe so travellers can connect South Luangwa and the Lower Zambezi, along with Livingstone and Lusaka. These routes have been carefully planned around set times for departures and arrival, ensuring a smooth and convenient connection to regional and international flights. Seats on these routes are open for general consumption, and our reservations team will happily coordinate all bookings.

For flight timing guidelines and further information, please contact our RZL flight’s reservations team.

Flights Res: [email protected] / +260 960445247

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