Game Drives

Forty or so years ago nobody was permitted to enter a game park in Africa unless they were in a fully enclosed vehicle. Walking safaris were unheard of, and the first instances of both were pioneered in Zambia by the late Norman Carr. Others were quick to follow, and now the open vehicle concept is commonplace, and for many, it’s the way to go, particularly if time is limited.

Our game drives take place in an open vehicle, offering all-around views, and this elevated viewpoint helps considerably when searching far afield for wildlife. It also means you can move reasonably quickly to new sites, especially if, for example, lions sighted in another location are reported over the onboard radio. A vehicle trip is often considered as a supplement to a boat trip and vice versa.


Our vehicles are maintained as new and offer comfort and security and the ability to take you to places where lesser vehicles would founder. They are purpose built and equipped with both sun shade roofs and warm ponchos for late trips back to the lodge in the evenings. In addition, they have hand-held spotlights for night viewing. Night drives can be extremely exciting when the nocturnal creatures such as leopards, civets, porcupines, genets and aardvarks, to mention but a few, come out to hunt and forage for food.


Our game viewing trips by vehicle usually involve a break at an appropriate point for drinks and snacks. Here you can disembark, stretch your legs and enjoy the ambience and sounds so often missed while travelling. This is usually a good time to chat to your guide and ask all the questions about the bush that have accumulated on the drive. It’s also an excellent time to let creatures come to you, which can often happen if you remain relatively quiet, close to the vehicle and non-threatening.


A special night trip to look for leopard is not an unusual request. At Royal, we always ensure you are spoiled for choice in activities. You only have to ask; flexibility is the backbone of our approach.