A Royal canoe trip is something that shouldn’t be missed. You will first enjoy a boat trip down-river to where the canoes await you, each one carrying one or two passengers and a guide. Previous canoeing experience is not a pre-requisite while an ability to sit still helps considerably!

The trip usually involves about two or three hours paddling, being paddled or just drifting downstream on an offshoot from the main Zambezi which has formed a relatively narrow channel around what is effectively a large island. Most of the channel is reasonably shallow affording a view from water level over the lower banks of pristine bush and grassy flood plains with heavier bush as a close backdrop.


The canoeing experience involves peace and tranquillity punctuated by animal magic in all its forms. Everyone keeps a wary eye open for crocs and hippos while the guides know how to avoid “surprising” them. Game viewing from water level is entirely different and quite wonderful. The wildlife don’t seem to care about these floating objects and go about their business quite uninterrupted. The higher river banks provide burrow type nesting sites for bee-eaters and kingfishers in abundance.


Our recommendation is for you to partake in this activity in the afternoon when the sun is behind you and the light assists photography. Lions have been seen stalking and killing an impala. Leopard have been spotted on a branch watching the world go by. Elephant cross the water to and from the island where the vegetation provides plentiful browsing. Cape buffalo graze on the floodplains on both banks.


At the end of the trip refreshments of your choice await you on the river bank at the confluence with the main river, providing an unforgettable blend of action and serenity and an experience for which many return.