family suites

Room Description

As a family owned property, we pride ourselves in being family friendly and offer a few comfortable and luxury family suite options. This dedicated family unit consists of our two Deluxe suites (6 & 7) which offer a shared seating area between the rooms for the whole family to enjoy. The two suites are strategically placed closest to the main area to provide peace of mind to parents with younger children preferring a shorter (escorted) walk between their suite and the central area.


The separate suites are enclosed and safe enough for children to enjoy their own suite with parents staying in the suite next door. However, we are happy to accommodate one parent sharing Deluxe 6 with a child and the other parent sharing Deluxe 7 with another child upon request.


We also have 3 Presidential suites on offer for families wanting to be under one roof, with the addition of extra beds and mosquito nets for the comfort of the entire family. These suites have been designed as a large open plan home-away-from-home and befitting of the wilderness surroundings.

Amenities of the Deluxe Family Suites (6 & 7):

Shady veranda overlooking the main pool area and a view of the river
Spacious en-suite bedrooms
Outside area with private plunge pool
5 Guests maximum (Consisting of 2 adults or 3 children U12)
1 Extra-large double bed per suite
Room Size = 62m², Deck = 20m², Outside living area = 22m²
Room Wi-Fi
Shared family lounge area