African Food Safari

To offer you a holistic safari experience, we believe in appealing to all your senses, and as such, a glorious African Food Safari awaits with this addition to your tailor-made safari with us. Step into an experience that will not only tantalise your taste buds but showcases the sights, sounds and breath-taking scenery the Zambezi has to offer.

This add-on option gives you the opportunity to include a private culinary chef to your luxury safari with us. Callie-Anne Gavazzi, known by food-loving viewers worldwide for her safari cooking show “Callie-Anne cooks, into the wild,” offers an extra element of culinary sensation to your safari. Callie-Anne or one of her talented chefs will cook with you to create unforgettable memories and a love affair with food in Africa.

Let these professional chefs take you on a African food safari adventure, giving you an insight into the culture of African cuisine and experiencing the outdoors from a different perspective. This African food safari explores methods of cooking over an open fire in the wild and the traditional yet modern take on cooking outdoors gives you a real sense of what Africa has to offer with all its glorious produce.

Call them professional safari food guides if you may, these ladies ensure you immerse yourself in all thing’s food related and show you how locally sourced ingredients can be transformed into delicious culinary delights, right in front of you, in the middle of the bush.  Interactive dining on the banks of the mighty Zambezi has never been more magnificent.

Some ideas on what to expect on a Royal Food Safari are included below.

  • Bush breakfasts on a wilderness flood plain.
  • Picture your morning on an open flood plain, next to a warm campfire, Amarula coffee in hand and the pleasant sounds of birdlife waking up around you. A fiery Zambezi sunrise starts peaking over the horizon to welcome you to this serene bush setting, where your private chef has prepared all your favourites in a lavish breakfast spread. Locally sourced and sustainable ingredients that transport you into the flair of African gastronomy. Breakfast will never be the same again.
  • If lunch is more your style, then a midday affair under a shady baobab tree making homemade gnocchi paired with some of Southern Africa’s best wines is a great way to break up the day. Alfresco style African tapas is also a favourite and gives you a taste of the local food culture. Why not pair it one of Africa’s finest Gin cocktails?
  • There is no more magnificent event than a sunset in the African bush. An afternoon game drive or boat cruise is not complete without the chance to stop and take in the vivid colours of a Zambezi sunset. In celebration, your safari food guide will spoil you with a selection of sundowner drinks and canapés, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the Zambezi Valley wilderness. After which, you will be taken to a clearing near the riverbank to enjoy an interactive African feast, prepared over an open fire and with a dedicated assortment of drinks to pair with your meal. Listening to the river flow by and the wildlife calls in the distance, it doesn’t get much better than a cooking experience under an infinite African starry sky.


The food safari experience is the most authentic way to get your African food fix. Our interactive cooking demos along with the wine and food tastings are the best way to explore the “foodie” in you.

Book your cooking safari now and let’s make African food dreams a reality. Please see further information on this package below:

  • Only valid for a minimum FOUR-night stay at Royal Zambezi Lodge
  • Price starting from US$ 2860 for FOUR nights. Please see inclusions below.


Included in your package

  • Private safari chef/guide dedicated to you and your group for the duration of your stay
  • All local drinks, teas and coffees
  • Local ingredients tailored to your special dietary requirements
  • Interactive cooking experiences throughout your stay
  • Personalised recipe book from your food safari

Please note: As personal tastes and dietary requirements differ, this exclusive add-on requires even more interaction with our reservations team and Callie-Anne to ensure we are tailor-making it to suit you during your stay. Please discuss all requests, likes and dislikes further with our team.