Royal Zambezi Lodge remains a vocal proponent of responsible tourism, proudly celebrating the African spirit of Ubuntu: “the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity.” By engaging local communities and prioritizing their well being, the Lodge ensures that its very existence, commercially and socio-culturally, makes a positive impact on the people of the Lower Zambezi.

Since the completion of the Claire Kartenger maternity ward in December 2016, the Royal Zambezi Lodge continues to raise awareness of the community projects it is involved in. The Lodge also works tirelessly to source the funding and support that is necessary to improve both the quantity and quality of the medical facilities available in Chiawa district.


Natalie Black, the Lodge’s General Manager, is pleased to report that the next phase of this project is now underway. The Lodge has begun work on the construction of doctors’ accommodation, which will enable the Ministry of Health to transfer and position staff within the village, to assist the resident nurse, Rosemary. Funding has also been secured, furthermore, to build accommodation for medical interns, who will surely prove to be an invaluable resource to the community clinic.

On the conservation front, the Lodge continues to support Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) materially and logistically in its conservation efforts in the Lower Zambezi Valley and Chiawa Game Management Area.


The Environment Education Program represents yet one more CLZ program that the Lodge, in partnership with the Lesmurdie Tennis Club of Australia, has lent its support. Specifically, it supports an initiative that promotes ICT-based learning in local community schools – by facilitating the purchase of iSchool educational tablets — uploaded onto these CLZ-created conservation syllabi and modules that are deployed as learning tools by pupils and teachers in the village.


For more information on our Community engagement and conservation programs, please visit this link.