A Feel Good Story

IVORY now and then, we have a RELEPHANT feel good story to share – an Elephant rescue right on our doorstep in camp! Last Saturday, a MAMMOTH joint conservation TUSK force between DNPW, CLZ & our Royal team rescued one of our local HERD.


One of our resident bull Elephants, fondly referred to as Gap by our team, had been noticed hanging around Royal for four days prior and signs showed he was suffering from constipation (must’ve eaten a TONNE of Palm nuts!). Upon reporting it, DNPW acted quickly and got their vet to the Lower Zambezi, with the assistance of Sky Trails, to help with the operation.

The Elephant was darted in camp, went down slowly and lay down next to one of our suites, ready for his colon cleanse.

The rescue involved the conservation team having to unblock him under sedation, which took about an hour, was given some antibiotics and then given a reversal for the sedation.
The team have since been monitoring him and we are pleased to report he is doing much better. Definitely a BIG WEIGHT off our shoulders knowing this guy is fighting fit again!

No BULL, we are happy to blow our own TRUMPET when coming together with amazing organisations to support conservation in Zambia. Some of our guests were lucky enough to witness the incredibly important work carried out by both DNPW and CLZ in order to conserve wildlife in the Lower Zambezi. Without intervention, he would have been severely unwell and quite possibly it could have resulted in the elephant’s death due to his condition.

We are so grateful to our partners DNPW and CLZ for their tireless efforts in protecting and conserving our precious wildlife.

Thank you IVORYone involved from all of us at Royal, we are privileged to work with you! (Puns intended!)

*Disclaimer: the colon cleanse is not a treatment we offer guests in our award-winning Royal Bush Spa!