Like Father, Like Son

Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award winner, Solomon Chidunuka used to be the area Warden for the Department of National Parks here in the Lower Zambezi. During his time in the area it had the lowest recorded elephant poaching to date. A truly passionate and great man, his expertise was highly sought after and upon request moved to the South Luangwa to take up the position of Senior Area Warden.


Solomons son Mainza inherited his fathers love for wildlife and conservation and has gone through the Royal Trainee Guide program here at the lodge and is now a qualified guide.

Solomon came and stayed at Royal over the weekend of the 11th/12th May to celebrate Conservation Lower Zambezi’s 25th Anniversary. It was so wonderful to see him again and catch up. He hadn’t been back to the Lower Zambezi since he left, so it was not only great to visit the area again but it was also very special for him to be taken on a game drive by his very own son, Mainza.


Like Father, Like Son…


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