Mulberry Mongoose

A little shout out for an absolutely fantastic project that we at Royal greatly admire – Mulberry Mongoose is one of many projects we are so grateful to for the work and help they give towards the conservation of our precious wildlife in Africa.

Graceful yet rugged, every accessory is like a little piece of Africa.

“From our workshop, located on a well-trodden elephant path in the Zambian bush, local craftswomen make all our jewellery by hand using natural materials from the South Luangwa valley.

In an area where unemployment and poaching are a reality, every piece of jewellery sold helps us support our families and conserve this unique place that inspires our work.”

This amazing business/project literally creates ‘beauty out of brutality’ an incredible way of taking a negative and turning it around into a positive. A case of a community coming together and helping each other for the good of the land they live on. Read more about the creation of the business, the characters behind the designs and the great causes that are being supported, on their fantastic website

“Our widely celebrated collection mixes snare wire with semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and hand carved wooden beads. The snare wire is collected by anti-poaching patrols, protecting South Luangwa’s iconic wildlife thus creating beauty from brutality.”