Teamwork makes
the dream work

We ‘kicked off’ 2023 literally with a team-building soccer match! Channeling our enthusiasm and good vibes, we are feeling for the year ahead into a sweltering, hot, competitive soccer match, which made for a hilarious and fun-filled evening. Royal is proud to be one of the lodges in the Lower Zambezi that is open all year round, but this year we closed for just one week to allow for maintenance on the deck and a chance for a fabulous team-building weekend. It is a valuable time to spend together outside the office and enjoy the area and the company we are so proud to be a part of.


The weekend was filled with chatty meals and outdoor activities, from boat cruises to game drives, waterfall adventures, to soccer matches. Each of us soaking up the beauty of the Zambezi River and reveling in some relaxed time away too. The River was unusually low, with many more sandbanks on show, new channels to navigate, and little pools on islands filled with birds and fish. We spent a morning watching waterbirds in action, such as the night and day technique of the black heron, the quivering leg technique of the great white egret, and the precision of the kingfisher dive. The landscape was filled with rich and vibrant greens and bright blues, further enhanced by dramatic cumulonimbus clouds that are synonymous with this time of the year’s thunderstorms.

Following the team building, we had our annual in-house Guides Awards for 2022: Guides are acknowledged for the most sightings of leopard, pangolin, and aardvark, and the fishing guides for the most tiger fish caught by their guests. It is a fun evening and a great chance to acknowledge our passionate guides’ ongoing dedication to the Royal experience.

  • Wallace: Most Wild Dog Sightings
  • Mainza: Most Pangolin Sightings
  • Forbes: Most Tigerfish
  • Victor & Joe: Most Leopard Sightings

The RZL safari guides spend countless hours in the wild, observing and studying animals and their behavior. They have an intimate knowledge of the ecosystem and the different species that inhabit it and are able to share this knowledge with guests. Each RZL guide has an unwavering dedication to protecting wildlife and the environment; their passion is evident when sharing their knowledge with others.

The Royal team participated in an Advanced First Aid Course with ACE Ambulance in early April. Living out in the remote and beautiful wilderness means it is important to have first aid knowledge to immediately tend to any injuries and instances that require medical knowledge. The interactive course had everyone participating and practicing techniques and procedures from bandaging to CPR.


Taking a first aid course can be vital in preparing for emergency situations in remote locations. Here are some reasons why it is important to do a first aid course when you live remotely:


Quick response: In an emergency situation, every second counts. Knowing basic first aid can help you provide quick and appropriate care to the injured or sick person before professional help arrives.

Reduce the severity of injury: First aid skills can help reduce the severity of an injury or illness, ultimately saving lives. By providing initial care and stabilizing the patient, you can help prevent the condition from worsening until medical help arrives.

Empowerment: Knowing first aid can give you the confidence to act in an emergency situation. It can help you stay calm and focused while you assist the patient. This can be especially important in remote areas where professional help may take longer to arrive.

Community safety: If you live in a remote area, you may be part of a small community. Knowing first aid can help you keep yourself and others safe in emergencies, ultimately benefiting the entire community.


Thank you to ACE for coming out to Royal and certifying the Royal Team.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” ~ Henry Ford