Tusk Conservation Awards 2017

The winners were announced and we are ecstatic to see that the Tusk Wildife Ranger Award went to Solomon Chidunuka. A past Area Manager of Lower Zambezi and with a son training in our guiding team we feel a satisfying burst of pride for a ‘family member’.



“As a junior ranger in Zambia in 1999, Solomon Chidunuka dressed in old clothes, took a bus to a notorious poachers’ lair, and won their confidence by pretending to be an ivory buyer. He then summoned colleagues who arrested 25 suspects and put many in prison – and he never looked back. During a career that has seen him become senior wildlife warden in charge of three national parks, he has participated in numerous undercover missions. He has built up intelligence networks that often alert him before poachers have entered a protected area.”

He believes in leading by example.


An incredible article in the Telegraph introducing all the winners of 2017 Tusk Conservation Awards.



Solomon Chidunuka and the other award winners, we applaud you and your heroic work in anti poaching and conservation in Lower Zambezi, Zambia and Africa as a whole.

“The Tusk Conservation Awards, in partnership with Investec Asset Management, give us a chance to celebrate extraordinary people, whose work and lives might otherwise go unnoticed outside their fields. Their work with wildlife and communities in Africa safeguards the future for us all.”

Visit Tusk Awards website today and see where you can help in the fight for the future of our wildlife.