With hands raised in gratitude, students celebrate donations from a variety of sources through our Royal Zambezi community programme. As part of the extended family of Royal, each and every member of the community counts – and providing children with educational resources and clothing is of top priority. Timing is of the essence, and these donations arrived on the cusp of schools opening, creating much excited anticipation for returning to the classroom.


Local Zambian businesses have reached out to rural communities, manifesting and honouring a culture of care. Dressed for the part, the students at Kanyangala School stand proud in their new uniforms, donated by City Clothing in Lusaka. Instilling pride and equality amongst the children creates a sense of togetherness, encouraging teamwork and unity.


Dynamix Distribution Ltd contributed an array of back to school necessities for the children of Kanyangala, Chisakila and Malabanyika School. Such acts of kindness resonate beyond the donated item, into the attitudes of the students, equipping them with a positive and determined perspective for their studies.


From food to torches, stickers, hula hoops, footballs and stationery, these children have received the wonderful gift of nutrition, toys, sports equipment and classroom resources. The formal requirements for studying and focus are of course vital for education, however the art of play is as stimulating and important for childhood development. Topped off with biscuits treats from Chico Biscuits, these students are ready to tackle the rest of the school year.


The Royal Family extend their appreciation to the above companies in the understanding that every penny is precious as we emerge from this difficult economic time. Such acts of kindness are priceless, each donation changing lives.