Lower Zambezi Amongst Top 10 Greatest Places to Visit in 2022

If ever there’s a time to visit Zambia and us at Royal Zambezi, it is now! As the world arose from the shock waves that the pandemic sent through international travel, 2022 has seen Zambia remerge as an ultimate tourist destination, with its doors wide open and accessible to adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts from around the world (and from within Zambia) once more.

Renowned for its warm and vibrant hospitality, and welcoming people, Zambia, and more specifically Lower Zambezi, has been hailed amongst the top 10 Greatest Places to visit in 2022 by Time, while Royal Zambezi Lodge has won the title of “Best Lodge in Zambia” in the 2022 Haute Grandeur Global Excellence Awards– so you know you’re in the best hands! As you travel through its breathtaking landscape, unearth a rich array of wildlife, a wide diversity of over 500 bird species, and a whole swell of resplendent flora and fauna. Declared a national park in 1983, The Lower Zambezi National Park served as a private park of the Zambia president before that. Shielding it from mass tourism and keeping this awe-inspiring scenery largely protected and the wildlife population heavily conserved, it may not be Zambia’s largest national park, but it is absolutely packed with wildlife!

You’ll feel like royalty the second you arrive, greeted with wildlife that is just as at home in camp as our guests are. With lions roaring in the distance (and sometimes even closer!), hippos snorting, chortling, and wallowing in the river below, and Zambia’s national bird – the African fish eagle circling as it hunts for fish overhead, your escape into the wild begins the moment you step into camp. There are no fences around the lodge, and our regular guests include elephants, hippos, buffalo, lions, leopards, and a myriad of bird species coming to visit throughout your stay with us.

October is our ‘summer’ time here in the valley, and wow, are things heating up now. With the hot season officially upon us, the Lower Zambezi is teeming with wildlife, where sightings of lion, elephant, leopard, waterbuck, buffalo, wildebeest, hamerkop, and fish eagles can be found as they congregate around the river’s edge and make use of the remaining watering hole. During the height of the dry season before the rains hit (late November/early December), there is an arid and static stillness in the air. Unlike our guests who can retire to a cool room to escape the midday sun, take a dip in their private plunge pool before retreating to the shaded deck with a cocktail in hand, or visit our award-winning bush spa to relax through the afternoon heat, the animals need to be more creative. Bringing about a natural tension and energy that brings your entire safari experience up a notch and experience a game drive of royal stature.

Enjoy scenes from the lodge’s viewing deck of feisty territorial male hippos jostling for space, and the cows usher their calves to the sandbanks to keep them away from the brawl breaking out. Venture on a late afternoon drive and watch the nocturnal animals slink out from beneath the undergrowth where they’ve been shielded from the sun, and drive alongside hyena clans trotting along the road on the hunt for their next meal. As the sun sets on the plains, sit and watch a herd of impala group together, the only source of light they have coming from the half moon, illuminating them in a faint glow. The distant silhouette of a leopard is caught in the moon’s halo while she gently, skillfully, and stealthily moves toward them. Crickets chirp and the night jar calls to interrupt the deadly silence as the ultimate night hunter stalks her prey. At Royal, you are guaranteed an adventure of a lifetime! We don’t just explore the bush by game drive, you can opt for a slower-paced delve into nature by foot with expert guides, or choose to traverse the mighty Zambezi by canoe or if that’s too close proximity to the hippos and crocs, there’s the option of a boat river cruise. The options are endless and are tailor-made to accommodate your (and that of your families) experience at Royal Zambezi.

Beyond a luxury wilderness retreat, we pride ourselves on our commitment to responsible tourism, of which our very ethos is structured, strengthening conservation, community development, and tourism to preserve Lower Zambezi National Park for generations to come.