Our Family

Gap the Elephant

Gap the elephant, our tallest family member, is easily recognised  by the distinctive  gap in his right ear and is often seen making himself comfortable around the lodge. He has been a regular visitor to Royal Zambezi Lodge but it was not until September 2018 that our team REALLY got to know him better.


One day Gap spent a little longer than usual at the lodge and after four days of him hanging around, showing signs of discomfort, our team realised there was something wrong and this was his way of asking us for help.  As it turned out, this amazing elephant friend of ours was severely constipated and desperately needed a colon cleanse.


Being the family lodge we are, we immediately called on the assistance of Conservation Lower Zambezi and the Department of National Parks & Wildlife. Gap was treated in camp with guests and staff there to help his recovery and he was back on his feet in no time.


Read more about this story here and don’t forget to look out for Gap when you are in camp.